Friday, April 26, 2024

Maryknoll School's 4th Annual Spartan Giving Day is approaching, and we invite you to be a part of something truly special. Your support fuels education, innovation, and growth.

Join us in making a lasting impact! Stay tuned for exciting details and follow us here and on social media for updates. Together, we can make a difference! 🌟



Your contribution holds the power to make a meaningful impact. By participating in Spartan Giving Day, you have the opportunity to shape a brighter future for our students. Your support directly contributes to the Annual Fund, securing a lasting and reliable supply of resources that fuel essential initiatives. Together, we can make a difference, creating a positive and lasting effect on our Maryknoll community. Join us in transforming possibilities into realities through your generous gift on Spartan Giving Day.

Examples of the impact your gift can make for Maryknoll Spartans

A Gift of $50

Creating innovative classrooms and programs to ensure academic excellence for all students including small class sizes, discovery labs and interactive projectors. A gift of $50 can play a pivotal role in providing supplies for our students fostering hands-on STEM learning experiences, play equipment, and upgrading the classroom learning environment ensuring a brighter and more enriched educational journey. 

A Gift of $100

Maryknoll ensures a well-rounded education for our students by offering a range of courses in visual arts, music, drama & theater, and dance. Students have the opportunity for creative collaborations and arts integration as they build interdisciplinary connections and develop their creative mindset. A gift of $100 can provide funds to support our thriving performing arts program fostering a vibrant and dynamic cultural landscape within our Maryknoll community.

A Gift of $250

The Maryknoll School Interscholastic Athletic Program includes experiences in human relations, as well as opportunities for developing each student scholar athlete physically and emotionally, spiritually and academically. Along with physical education, our aim is to develop a student scholar with an improved self-image, ability to learn a new skill, and an intrinsic motivation for growth and development. A gift of $250 can support our substantive PK-12 physical education and athletic programs.

A Gift of $500

Roger’s Hall remains the heart of our high school, where assemblies, shared lunches, and focused study unfold. Your generous donation of $500 could play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing this iconic high school space contributing to create a warm and inviting hub for students to unite, find inspiration, and collaborate. You contribution transcends mere financial support; it injects vitality into revered areas that encapsulate the memories and aspirations of the generations.

A Gift of $1,000

Campus Ministry and Religion are at the heart of who we are. We instill in our students the value of social responsibility through our school's motto, Noblesse Oblige. Your generous gift of $1000 can have a profound impact on our ability to provide a Catholic education that prioritizes community service, Christan programs, and retreats for our students.

A Gift of Any Amount

Every contribution, regardless of the amount, creates a profound impact on the lives of our young Spartans. Your generosity reaches across the entire spectrum of our school community, from PK-12 grade, addressing their most immediate needs. Together, we make an enduring difference in shaping the future of these bright minds.

Discover the limitless possibilities your gift can unlock! While the examples provided are just a glimpse, your donation to our Annual Fund transcends these illustrations. Embrace the beauty of making a contribution that extends beyond boundaries. By supporting our Annual Fund, you are championing the school's immediate needs, making a tangible impact today and paving the way for an even brighter tomorrow!



Stay tuned for more details!